Are tariffs affecting your Idaho business? -by Christine E. Nicholas-

A recent post by the Idaho District Export Council advised that our Idaho businesses will feel the effect of recently announced tariffs and retaliatory tariffs.  “Specifically, for Idaho, $2 million of Idaho’s exports to Canada are subject to a 25% tariff and $105 million worth of goods are subject to 10%.”  The Idaho District Export Council advises Idaho businesses to (1) “[b]e aware of your business exposure to trade effects and define a plan B to address challenges and opportunities derived from market disruptions” and (2) contact your congressional delegation and let them know how tariffs are affecting your bottom line.

The Idaho District Export Council can assist you in understanding the application of these new tariffs.  You can find info about their mission and services at its website:

Idaho’s Commerce Department also has an International Trade division with resources to assist you in tapping and understanding international markets:

Here at Evans Keane, we can help you understand the legal rights and remedies under your contracts involving the purchase or sale of goods, help you enforce your agreements with your counterparty, and help you take action to obtain any available relief from effects of the tariffs.  Our partner Christine Nicholas has lectured on and published guidance in the field, including her articles published in the American Bar Association publication Business Law Today and in the Idaho State Bar Association publication The Advocate.  If you are entering into a contract or purchase order that involves buying goods from another country or selling goods into another country, or have questions about a contract or purchase order you’ve already executed, we’re here to help.